Monday, November 03, 2008

Seven Star Garoupa steamed at home, with love from KK!

This is half the Seven-star Garoupa which I had recently purchased from off Jalan Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu during my trip to visit P and J. Mum prepared it in teochew-style, with just the tail-section simply steamed.

Soya sauce grilled chicken - Finally figured out how to use the new Microwave-Oven unit! Yummmm...

Special chicken curry - Very appetising!

Tempura button mushrooms, fresh and really good!

My fave ... Stir fried cabbage.

Simple, but fluffy omelette...

ps - The above encompasses two recent meals, slurrrppp :-) Guess it ain't all about eating-out!

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TheAppleCake said...

I came across ur blog while searching for good japanese restaurant in subang area. browsed thru ur blog..wonder how u dont gain a pound by eating all those yummy food...ENVY !! :)