Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3 - Epsiode 9 (India)

Originally screened on AXN, Thursday 7th November 2008, at 9:00pm Malaysia time.
This is the 9th leg of the Amazing Race Asia 3 series.

First flight of the race ... Cochin (Cochin International Airport) to Mumbai, Maharashtra (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport). Hey, Ida and Tania (Malaysia) were still in the race!

Additional tasks ... At Nehru Stadium teams must hit a cricket ball onto a board decorated with the Race colours. If they did not manage to do so in 36 balls or under, teams incurred a ten minute penalty.

Geoff and Tisha are always scheming ... lets see how far they get in The Race!

After the cricket task, teams use a map application on the Nokia 6210 Navigator to direct their auto rickshaw driver to their next destination, the Shaniwar Wada. At the Sony World teams had to persuade the locals to tell them a joke while one team member recorded this story into the Sony Handycam camera, then teams have to come back and replay the video to the staff. If they think the joke is funny enough, they gave teams the next clue.

In this leg's roadblock, one team member had to find the correct pheta from 50 men who were walking around the castle. If that person found the pheta with the word "Correct" inside, they received the next clue.

In this leg's detour, teams had to choose between Push and Crush. In Push, teams had to go to one shop and push the cart with 75 pots to another shop with 70 or more pots unbroken at the destination before receiving the next clue. In Crush teams had to go to the market, make 40 glasses of sugar cane juice and sell them to earn Rs200 or more to receive the next clue.

The HK boys and our gals did well ... 1st and 2nd :-)

Hmm... who will choose to sabotage another team with a U-turn, requiring them to re-do the alternate task!!?

Yes ... Geoff and Tisha U-Turned AD and Fuzzie of Singapore! Oh oh ....

I was very impressed that the Singapore pair went through with the Push task having already completed and exhausted themselves out through the Crush task! And guess what ... it was a NON ELIMINATION LEG, pre-determined before the race began! This must be the third such non-elimination leg...


gracetcp said...

Our girls should have u-turned Geoff & Tisha. How could they not have their own photo?!!

Julian Si said...

Our gals were being "nice" I guess ... but nearly resulted in the elimination of the Singapore pair!!

Haha ... I am honoured that you read my little blog :-)