Monday, November 03, 2008

Land Cruiser Amazon 4.2 TD - Toyota UK Spec 100 Series

A popular sight in Kota Kinabalu, I had the pleasure of driving one a couple of times, easy to maneuver, has excellent comfort-manners, plenty of torque and power on-call, and is really safe... For the driver and passengers! This is ... the Land Cruiser Amazon 4.2 TD. This particular version was imported from the UK, and comes with ALL the bells and whistles.

1998 - Toyota introduced the 100 Land Cruiser to replace the 80. At launch the UZJ100 featured the first eight-cylinder engine (4.7-litre 32-valve 2UZ-FE petrol engine) in a Toyota four wheel drive. Other engines in non-US markets included the 1HD-FT/E turbodiesel. For the first time in Land Cruiser history, the 100 Series featured independent front suspension for increased on-road handling. In Africa and certain other markets, Toyota offered a 105 model, which retained the solid front axle for more demanding off-road use. The Land Cruiser won Australian 4WD Monthly's "4x4 Of The Year" award for the third time in a row. It was called the Land Cruiser Amazon in the UK until 2003.

The rear tail-gate has a rather easy to open "split" or window section as well as bottom section. Great for loading the pram or a set or four of golf clubs!
Side and rear view...

I love the touch-screen centre console, which is useful not only for the multimedia functions, as well as vehicle control and trip logs, but also as a rear camera / reverse monitor. Excellent safety for a vehicle this large, and much needed too! There's also GPS, but that seems to be configured to the UK (Check out the Liverpool map below!). The Bluetooth phone-connectivity seems to work easily as well.
Total global production to date is 3.72 million vehicles. 90 Prados get active traction control (Active TRAC), vehicle skid control equipment (VSC), and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) systems as standard equipment in some markets.
2002 - All new 120 Prado is released and the 100 is restyled. The centre of gravity was reduced by 30 mm, ensuring better stability and dual fuel tanks with a total capacity of 180 L in the new 120 Prado. Downhill Assist Control and Hill-start Assist Control enhance the vehicle's stability under difficult off-road conditions.
Also called Lexus LX, Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon (UK 1998-2003)
Production 1998-2007
Assembly ARACO @ Yoshiwara, Aichi, Japan
Engine(s) 4.7 L V8 177 kW (237 hp) [Petrol], 4.2 L I6 146 kW (196 hp) [Diesel], and 3.0 L I4 [turbodiesel].
Transmission: 6-speed manual is available, or in this case ... a very smooth 5-speed automatic
Three modes for suspension height, Low/Sport, Normal, or High/Off-road. Wow!

More luxuries ... Memory electric seats for the front passenger as well as the driver. Even the steering tilt-telescopic controls are electric!

The rear passengers are well taken care of as well! Check out the console as well as the connectivity!

Audio-video (AV) capabilities come as a standard ... 2 LCD screens on the back of each of the front head-rests, which allow for DVD playback and/or PS2 / Nintendo etc. as well. Check out the multimedia player in the centre console, as well as two wireless headsets.

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