Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3 - Epsiode 10 (Oman)

Originally screened on AXN, Thursday 13th November 2008, at 9:00pm Malaysia time.
This is the 10th leg of the Amazing Race Asia 3 series.

Three of the most competitive teams were the boys from HK, our gals from Malaysia ... and of course Tisha and Geoff from the Phillipines.

The team from Singapore, by the skin of their neck's ... were still in the race!

The Race started at Pune, from the Bhaja Caves to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, where they later had to key his birth-year into a Standard Chartered Bank building ATM. Can't believe the Phillipines team keyed in 1977, duh! Guess everyone was tired from the 30+ hours lack of sleep!

They then flew from Pune International Airport, to Muscat, Oman ... Over 1,500km away. They first had to make their way by driving themselves to the Al Alam Palace.

At Nizwa, they had to decide between counting ... or finding a carpet design! Our gals and the HK boys did great ... and final place was left as a competition between the Singaporeans and Phillipine team.

Geoff and Tisha couldn't decide together whether to do the counting or carpet task, and ended up going between the two tasks at least three times!

Finally ... they travelled from Nizwa / Mutrah Souk into the dessert, where they would face a really tough Roadblock of cliffhanging over a 60m ravine! This was at Wadi Tanuf.

Ida then did the most amazing thing the gals have done since the start of the race ... she actually out climbed and out enduranced the HK boy :-)

As their reward ... Ida and Tania were FIRST. They each won USD$2,500 for their efforts, and go into the Final Three ... first!
Geoff and Tisha were 2nd ... and the HK boys, despite the 4-hour penalty for non completion, still came in ahead of the Singapore team.

As always ... strolling right till the end. AD and Fuzie came in last ... but they did give it their all, and did the race at THEIR own pace, with their heads up high! WELL DONE!

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