Monday, November 03, 2008

Mercedes E280 Sport - W211 UK Spec

This is the UK-spec Mercedes Benz E280 Sport (2006 model year). I do like the discreteness and stealth-iness of this variant, and the sporty bumper (I especially like the twin pipes - Looks a whole lot better then "after-fit" do-it-yourself pipes!) and wheel combo, just reinforces and makes-complete the E-class magic! describes the recently locally available E280...
The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is arguably the benchmark of “making it” in life. It’s the car that your mother (or mother-in-law) hopes you’ll drive back to the kampung one day. For the longest time the E-Class in Malaysia consisted of the E200K and E280, but with the recently introduced E230 to fill in the large gap between the E200K and E280, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia could not afford to fiddle around with the E280 specs abit. The result is this new model - the Mercedes-Benz E280 AMG Sports Package.
W211 E200K - RM 353,888.00W211 E230 - RM 398,888.00W211 E280 - RM 423,888.00W211 E280 AMG - RM 438,888.00

Nothing quite like looking down the bonnet, and seeing ...
(Perhaps better to see a flying spur, or "B"!)

Sporty dash board, but perhaps let down by the overly-practical and not-sporty or tactile steering wheel.

Pedal-shift ... Now we are talking!

The key fob that says ... you have arrived!

Sporty-ish pedals awaits your posh shoes, or sandals!

Gadgets galore ... and a rather nice subdued and "real-looking" wood finish. ... The 7G-Tronic gearbox has three shift modes - C for Comfort, S for Sport and M for Manual. I recommend leaving this in S most of the time. Even at full throttle and full torque from first to second gear the gearbox manages to keep the shift very smooth. In Comfort mode the shifts take just too long and you get a slightly floaty sensation as the automatic transmission’s internal clutches are kept slipping most of the time between gears.

Look up, and this will greet you. A huge light-console. Leave no doubt, this car still focuses on being comfortable above all else!

I like the stock sound system which comes factory-fitted. No complaints!

Here's me having a test-drive ... I have to say, I was very VERY impressed, I had previously plodded along in a W211 E240 (CKD Malaysia), and was surprised how lacklustre the performance was. The E240 pales in comparison with the BMW E60 525i! However ... The refinement of the E280, even with the low-profile 18" rims and tyres combo, was up-to-par with the E240, but the body-roll and torque was much improved.

Dedicated mobile phone console with that all important tri-star emblem? You got it!

Parking's made easy with the front and rear parking sensors, those are LED-display lights at the front of the dashboard to indicate the distance between your E280 and other cars / wall etc.

Check out the reflection of (What the cantonese like to call it) this "tai-sai-ngan" (Big small eyes!) at the back of that pick-up, and once again ... Many would simply buy the E280 (Or any Merc for that matter) for that badge on the bonnet, and leave it to their drivers to ferry them about. If you had the privilege of owning a W211 E280, I know it would be the driver who would be having fun! Drive it yourself and be impressed!

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