Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amazing Race Asia 3 - Epsiode 8 (India)

Unfortunately I missed Episode 8 of the Amazing Race Asia 3, but I do know that the teams travelled from Macau to Hong Kong via TurboJET, and subsequently flew to Cochin in Kerala, India.

Wikipedia summary...
Roadblock, the chosen team member must perform a bungee jump from the top of the Macau Tower to receive their next clue. The first team to complete the task will receive a helicopter ride from Macau to Hong Kong instead of the TurboJET ferry ride.
In this leg's Detour, the choice was between Fish or Fill.
In Fish, the team members must carry six large swordfish to a nearby restaurant before receiving their next clue.

In Fill, teams must fill an intricate floor pattern using colored rice before receiving their next clue.

Additional tasks ... At the MASkargo Warehouse, teams must search and open their box containing letters from their loved ones before receiving their next clue. At the Neelam Kulangara Devi Temple, teams had to get a blessing from the Indian priest before they received their next clue. At the Elephant Wash Area in SPS Temple, teams must wash an elephant using the traditional way of using coconut husks as abrasives.

Ida and Tania endured a half hour penalty ... but survived.

Surprise ... surprise ... What I thought was the STRONGEST team, has just been eliminated! Our own, Bernie and Henry. Alas...

ps - Wikipedia has an entry about Bernie...
Bernie Chan is a television host, actress and a beauty pageant trainer from Malaysia. She started her career in a Singapore sitcom named Alter Asians: Catherine Listening to the Rain, followed by Kopitiam and Talk About Love. At the same year, she debuted as a stage actress in Ubu Roi and Split Gravy on Rice.
As a host, Chan hosted the Miss Malaysia/World for two years (2002-2003), followed by the Boh Cameronian awards in 2004. After that, she hosted Pillow Talk on ntv7 before moving to Audition in 2004. At the same year, she also acted in Otak Tak Centre on stage and Table For Two.
In 2005, Chan joined the stage act again for the drama The Odd Couple. Chan became the producer for beauty in Federal Academy of Creative Technology. In 2006, as a guest judge in What Women Want.
In 2007, Chan returned as the announcer for Project Runway Malaysia. In 2008, she participated in The Amazing Race Asia 3 with her brother, Henry Chan. They obtained 5th position in the show.

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