Monday, November 03, 2008

Tenom Men and other tai-chau goodies ... Syn Lee at Kota Kinabalu

Located: At the Towering commercial centre, along Jalan Penampang.
Kedai Kopi Syn Lee is located a couple of shops away from the tyre shop beside the roundabout.
Opening hours: 6:30am - 2:30pm daily (Except Mondays)

Friendly service, and excellent (And interesting for someone from Semenanjung!) food too... Another brilliant "find" by P and J! Sweet and sour dish... and some sauce-y roast meats, gorgeous!

Veges with egg ... yummy! Interesting :-)
Fish dish.... describes this interesting noodle dish best ... Kedai Kopi Syn Lee is popular for its Tenom Men, and its flagship product is the “fried wet Tenom Men”. Customers can also have the noodle fried dry, or have the noodle in soup. The “kon lau” Tenom Men is also very tasty, and normally “kon lau” are noodles mixed with black sauce, but in Sarawak there are “kon lau men” that comes with white sauce too.

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