Sunday, November 02, 2008

My idea of comfort food

The specifics of what dishes constitute comfort food differs from country to country, as it does from different cultures and individuals. One evening my family prepared a trio combination of dishes that near enough meets my definition!

Stir fried cabbage - Sweetness of the shrimps and carrots brought this dish to life!

Just like my younger days ... Baked beans with minced chicken. Interesting to see this dish presented at most "chap fan" (economy rice) stalls. I guess that's cos' it is simple, cheap and sauce-y!

Mui Choy Pork - Simply delicious if prepared and cooked with some TLC!

ps - This last dish is not my idea of comfort food, but it certainly is my family's. A hint of curry powder on the perfectly fried fish, retaining the meat's juiciness. Good stuff!

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