Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pattaya Floating Market "Water village", Thailand

Located: Sukhumvit Road, on the left, just past the waterski park. The market is located approx 2km past the Underwater world, on the way to Sattahip.

A modern floating market!

Boats were all selling food and drinks, the huts had touristy-items for sale.

Heh heh... this made us giggle!
We stopped for a coffee at one of the huts on stilts, more like a water village here ...
One of my team members brought along his Nikon D80 too! Here he is testing out my Tamron Sp90 Macro lens :-)

More boats ...

Spotted on the way out! A well preserved Tuk-Tuk, and a really nice old 3-series BMW.

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