Friday, October 02, 2009

Top secret location porky lunch - Deira, Dubai's Chinatown

Pork and peanut soup ...

Stewed FAT BELLY pork ...

Fu yong Egg , yes... that's REAL pork lap-cheong!

Fresh vege ... stir fried greens.

Would you believe the above meal was at the Deira area, aka Chinatown of Dubai ... Here's the low down on how we entered the "premise"!

1) Parked a sleazy underground carpark - Damn tight!
2) Asked around at least 3 shops, for directions
3) Struggled with deep-accented mandarin speakers :-)
4) Walked into what looked like a Chinese Medicine place
5) Said sorry, quickly walked out, and kept looking...
6) Found this odd building, went up a dodgy lift ...
7) Knocked on a door ... and voila, we were let into what looked like someone's apartment in Hong Kong from the 1970s
8) Went straight to the kitchen, chose various PORK items, and fresh veges..
9) Makan'ed dishes above!

You will have to contact me directly for the exact location, I am pretty sure its not the most legal of eateries!


CUMI & CIKI said...

if u blog it ... it wont be top secret no more.. now will it?! haha.. but u better take us there when we come visit. :)

babe_kl said...

LOL first time i came about illegal makan place :p