Saturday, October 31, 2009

Streets and beaches ... This is Abu Dhabi

Time to switch over to some shots I took with my Canon G9 ... these were mainly shot through the windscreen of my car!

Dare I say, I actually like driving here ... its real easy with the GRID system ala US of A!

Wow ... a free, public beach. Not far from Khalidiyah, on the far corner of the Corniche.

Looks like the Hilton on the Corniche is the host of the inaugural Etihad F1 Grand Prix!

Ah... this is why I love driving on a Friday morning, no cars!

I like this building, it has such an imposing stature ... this is the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

ps . One last shot as I was heading out of the city ... On the left, its a indoor football pitch, and in the distance, its Abu Dhabi's Grand Mosque.

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