Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steamed "pork" mince, Siew Mai timsum and more - Meena Cafe, Abu Dhabi

My favourite dish from Meena Cafe's "Chap Fan lunch" ... Ching Chee Yuk that is actually minced chicken, but easily tastes like minced pork. PERFECT!

Yes ....... Siew mai! Really good :-) Nupe, it ain't pork, but it is still really good. Thanks to Meena Cafe at Port Zayed (Lemongrass, you must join us next time you visit!).

Roast Duck ... and home made noodles with chicken soup. Ah... :-) shiok!

Hmmm ... Home-made Tofu by Meena Cafe. I am spoilt here :-)

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