Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I like pork sausages, I love pork bacon!

25 ringgit of magic from Spinneys Khalidiyah ... Oscar Mayer Lower Sodium Bacon, deeeelicious!
Spinney's prime cut sausages, about 24 ringgit.
Mmmmmmmmh... don't you love weekends!

Ahh... being spoilt on the weekend, pork bacon and pork sausages :-) with baked beans and toast. Fannnnntastic!
Simply divine :-)


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

divine is understated..

tats alot of porcine!

Julian Si said...

Heehee... :-) BURP!

ck lam said...

It is nice to have some of the sausages and bacon on and off besides the hawker food.

Julian Si said...

Agreed, CKL. But pity there ain't any hawker food here.

Lookin fw to the BKT dinner I just heated up tonight though :-) Bless bbG!