Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meena Cafe, Port Zayed - Zelan Construction Site serves Malaysian food!

Port Zayed in Abu Dhabi is the location of Meena Cafe, which is part of Zelan's project site. Hmmm, I realised that both the Reem Island and Meena Plaza projects, operated by Malaysian building giants, have cafes serving Malaysian food. God Bless Malaysia!
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 28 Asia Pulse - Zelan Bhd (KLSE:2283) on Thursday said its subsidiary, Zelan Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd, through its joint venture with Al Ambia Sdn. Bhd., has won a AED903.7 million (US$246.2 million) contract to build the "Meena Plaza" in Abu Dhabi.
The 70:30 Zelan-Al-Ambia joint venture on Wednesday received a letter of intent from Tamouh Investments LLC for the project, it said in a statement to Bursa Malaysia.
This is where Lee operates his kitchen, deeeelicious food in the middle of the desert!
Impressive stuff ... call in advance and you can have ROAST DUCK! We didn't order in advance, but were lucky enough to have one!

"Wan Tan" Mee - Me and KCL's hubby, Mr L, had a big debate about WHY this was called Wan Tan Mee ... We figured eventually, that even though there were no wan tan's served with this noodle dish, the noodles were of the "wan tan mee" type!

Ah... bbG and me liked this dish, Hokkien Mee Hoon!
Sweet and sour Pork ... oops, Sweet and Sour Chicken lah :-) This place is HALAL , but you would hardly know it ... really good.


Khalzuri said...

Interesting posts on halal foods. I intend to go to the United Arab Emirates sometime next year. Great blog on foods. Khalzuri

James said...

can you let us know the exact location of meena cafe? GPS location?....hungry for malaysian food...

Julian Si said...

Khalzuri - Safe journey.

James - There's a map here,

And its adjacent to the fish/vegetable souk, in fact the restaurant is across the road from the Iranian shops which sell pots and pans and plastic goods.

When you are in that area, just look out for the MEENA DEVELOPMENT construction site. Good luck!!

Sexymama said...

hi julian, any idea whether the Meena Cafe still in operation now? The roasted duck simply looks irressible! If yes still, can I have the contact no. from you? Thanks ya!

Julian Si said...

They are opened daily , even thru Ramadan , except for Fridays when they are closed ... Try calling :-

Feng Qiu
Meena Cafe
+971 50 467 8838