Friday, October 16, 2009

Homa Hotel Morvarid Restaurant - Bandar Abbas, Iran

Sunset over Bandar-e-Abbas on our last evening there ...

On to the food in a moment, but here are some rather delightful views of Homa Hotel's gardens, which lead to the seafront :-)

The beach :-) I have to say having travelled from the desert of UAE, and visiting the desert-like interiors of Iran, it was a little surreal being surrounded by such a scene.

Walking back towards the hotel ...

Morvarid Restaurant is located at...
Add: Homa Hotel - Meraj St,Pasdaran Blvd,Bandar Abbas. ,P.O. Box : 79145-1593
Tel: +98 761 555 3080
Reasonably priced hotel food, but expensive by Bandar Abbas standards.
For example, their best-cut of steak was something like 45 ringgit, not bad eh!

The starters were really good! Simple tomato and local cheese, eaten with flat bread ... then this magnificent Iranian salad, so simple and delicious!
Hmm, Barley soup seems really popular in these parts!
My mains, a delicious steak with mushroom gravy, and saffron rice. We ate so much at this late lunch, 3ish pm in the afternoon, that we actually skipped dinner that night. Found out later that lunch was the main meal of the day for many Iranis ... Serious!

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J2Kfm said...

wah ... almost dirt cheap eh ...
RM45 for the BEST cuts?!!!