Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Timsum and Malaysian delights in Abu Dhabi - Reem Island

Yay, bbG found some Timsum in Abu Dhabi!

ps. This IS halal, lah :-) Looks and nearly tastes like char-siew soh, but is actually chicken. Great pastry!

This is Reem Island cafe :-) run by another Malaysian construction conglomorate.
Stir-fried HOME-MADE Tofu with chicken
Ah... Hokkien Meehoon with Sambal belacan. Nice!

Wet ... tasty ... good :-)

Washed down with some barley :-)
Tamouh Investments has awarded Malaysia's IJM Consortium a Dh1.3 billion mixed-development contract to construct Zone C in the Marina Square Plot 1 on Al Reem Island, a senior company official said.
Tamouh is one of three developers involved in Abu Dhabi's Al Reem Island project. "The development of Zone C of the Marina Square will change the skyline of Abu Dhabi and the way people view high-rise living and lifestyle," said Joe Ong, CEO of Tamouh Investments.
The IJM group comprises IJM Construction, Sunway Construction, Zelan Holdings and LFE Engineering.

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