Friday, October 30, 2009

Beyonce opens the F1 festivities at Yas, Abu Dhabi

Concert: Beyonce @ Yas Marina F1
The event: Abu Dhabi's first grand prix, this was the opening night!
Location: Ferrari World, outdoor

Here are the first set of photos from the first 3 songs of Beyonce's set at Abu Dhabi ... what a privilege to have been there, thanks to the windfall from LL.
The opening night of the Yas Marina concerts was a bootylicious affair indeed.
Set in the shell of the half-finished Ferrari World, the venue looked spectacular – more like a recreation of the Bladerunner backdrop than a concert venue. The sound, too, was surprisingly good, with any unwanted echo – the curse of vast aerodromes like this one – kept to a minimum.
Only the dusty floor and outdoor heat proved difficult. Beyonce took the stage 25 minutes late, by which point some of the audience had started to turn nasty. Loud boos filled the front of the arena, and, to the side of this reviewer, the heat overwhelmed a couple of fainters and a small fight erupted. Not the kind of atmosphere you might expect at a family-friendly pop concert, but almost understandable after an hour and a half packed in like sweaty sardines.
The fickle crowd forgave and forgot as soon as Beyonce appeared onstage, however, statuesque in a gold lame bodysuit, threatening a wardrobe malfunction with every bump and grind.
Hmmm ... is this Sasha Fierce? :-)

Aiyoh.... hawwwt!

It all worked so well ... the set, the dancers, the musicians, the venue, and certainly The Beyonce!

The lightshow went on for over 1 1/2 hours ...

There were three large video walls!

Spin that tune!

Signature move :-) Shaking that bootay...

Beyonce can really sing!

I was really impressed! The crowd sang along, bopped along, and everyone had a great time. All 40,000 of us!!

More Beyonce...

Wow! .... I didn't like her slower numbers, but the graphics and lightshow more then made up for it.

There will be more piccies :-)

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