Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shuraku - Delicious new Japanese at Solaris, Mont Kiara

I am starting to spend a lot of time in the Solaris area, was going to visit Tenji (The Japanese Buffet), but changed our mind to visit a smaller eatery instead :-)

Thanks to a makan-buddy for introducing me to this 2 month old Jap, at Solaris Mont Kiara. Located on the 2nd floor near to SoHo, its a quaint little place, with excellent service.
Add: 13-2, Jalan Solaris Mont Kiara 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, off Jalan Duta.
Tel: +603 6203 0561
Opening hours: Daily, 6pm - 12.30am
Facebook information:
A visit to SHURAKU transports you on a unique culinary journey, made distinct by a menu of intricate Japanese pub fare specially prepared by Chef Yazu from Ozaka, Japan and an extensive list of sake, shochu & spirits that will quench any thirst.
Situated above Maybank in Solaris Mont Kiara, diners of SHURAKU will be greeted by a warm cozy setting and a team of hospitable staff who are also conversant in Japanese. With reasonable pricing, there is really nothing stopping you from joining us at SHURAKU today!

Tanqueray and Tonic, or to the less-initiated ... Gin and Tonic! RM$16, good value cos' its strong and its Tanqueray!

Tonkotsu Sui Gyoza - An ordinary spring-roll type dish that sprung to life thanks to the Japanese Curry Sauce served alongside, yummy! RM$15.

Nama Haru Maki - Unagi, beautifully translucent and delicate skin, and a hint of cheese, quite magical! RM$20.

Ebi Mentai Harumaki (RM$12) - Wanton soup with a bone-based broth, simply delicious once again!

Tori Garlic - Chicken with garlic bits, simply delicious! RM$14.

The Beef Yasai Roll came highly recommended, but we didn't find it that spesh ... Perhaps cos' we had let it cool down? RM$18.

Cha Soba (Cold) - Pretty decent, RM$17.
ps - Good value, good service, good food ... RM$60 a person for the above, without the G&T, or RM$90 per person with a pair of G&Ts each!

3 comments: said...

Hi!Browsing thru and found your blog. May I know is the restaurant halal?and do they do buffet?or any special menu?and the prices you stated in RM?or in US Dollar $$?

Julian Si said...

Unfortunately I don't think its Halal, but do try and ring up:-

03 6203 0561

I didn't see any buffet or menu sets, but do know that the ala carte is really good :-)

Prices in local RM$ (ringgit).

Anonymous said...

was looking up the number for this place on google and another website linked me to ur blog :)
-papparazzi prodigy