Monday, January 19, 2009

Penang Road Cendul - Leboh Keng Kwee, Penang

This must be one of the most famous back-roads in Malaysia!

This is why!

Careful, there are actually 2 stalls :-) I usually choose Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendul, the one with the Gurmit Singh photograph! Its the one on the right-side as you get off Penang Road, into this little lane (Leboh Keng Kwee).

Shaved ice heaven!

Don't want to stand? No problem ... take a seat in this quaint little shoplot owned by the Penang Road Cendul propietor.

The view from the other end of Leboh Keng Kwee...

Cendol is one of the most popular desserts in Malaysia. Cendul is a cold dessert consists of shaved ice, cendul (green noodles), coconut milk, red beans and gula Melaka (Yellow sugar). Its main taste is come from coconut milk and gula Malacca.
Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul’ is run by Tan’s family and it has operated for more than 50 years. There are 2 cendul stalls at the same place which located opposite to each other. You can recognize the ‘Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul’ stall by the Phua Chu Kang photo and also the Giant logo. Besides, ‘Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul’ is always having more customers and you may need to queue during weekend.
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