Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beware! Fumigation at Bangsar Village (BV2) Carpark

BEWARE! At midnight last night ... this horrid sight of fumigation, with a putrid smell and resulted in my friends struggling to breathe whilst experiencing an eye-watering sensation, greeted us!

Hard to believe this is BV2, yes Bangsar Village II.

(1) Why carry out fumigation when there are still cars parked on the floor?
(2) No signage to warn drivers as they park, nor when we were let into the stairwell by the guard
(3) The guards and car park attendants didn't even wear masks to protect themselves, and were just going about their motions in that cloud of gas!

Truly... dissapointing!

UPDATE 15th Jan 2009
I wrote to the BV customer service team, and LJK promptly replied, and apologised profusely. Seems there was a breakdown in communication, which led to this. Lets hope it never happens again!

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