Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cuisine Studio - French, Tropicana Golf Country Club

Recommended by cousin P and dear JQ ... this is Cuisine Studio at Tropicana Golf and Country Club!

Complimentary, and really good crusty french bread ... The crusty bits were exquisite!

Stuffed Escargot, RM$24 - I am starting to like... snails!

Mussel in white wine, RM$65 - Expensive, but delicious. The waiter explained that may seem a wee bit salty, but that's because it is fresh out of the sea :-)

Duck Cassoulet, RM$61
Really traditional country-kitchen french dish, which I enjoyed. But it was just too "hearty" and a challenge to finish for one person!

Escargot Pasta, RM$40 - I loved this, full of taste and the flavour of sundried tomatoes simply exploded in my mouth!

Ch Perreil - Bordeaux, RM$130
Refreshing, good value wine.
Acqua Panna - RM$15
Ouch ... Don't like restaurants which don't serve "filtered tap-water" aka sky-juice!
Interestingly, Cuisine Studio is a cooking school, french ingredients shop, pattiserie, bakery, as well as a restaurant! Overall, a good experience which L and myself enjoyed ... but a trifle pricey!

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