Monday, January 19, 2009

Korean instant noodles - Shin Ramen by Nong Shim

Wikipedia has an entry about my dad's fave instant noodles!
Shin Ramyun is a brand of Korean Instant Noodles produced since 1986 by Nong Shim, a South Korean food manufacturer.
Shin Ramyun, a spicy noodle soup produced by food company Nong Shim, originated in South Korea and has been exported abroad to over 80 different countries worldwide. This type of noodle has obtained a cult-like following by lovers of its spicy flavor.
Its unique taste was developed in the company's research labs and from there, it has since became the No. 1 selling noodle in an already saturated market.

Washed down with some fresh OJ served in a mug my mum has kept since the Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1984! Yes, 1984!
SHIN RAMEN is a worldwide popular hot and spicy noodle ramen, made of beef flavor and various natural seasoning. Creating a sensation since the first roll out in October 1986, Shin ramen noodle has maintained the position as best selling ramen noodle worldwide. It is also loved in Japn, US, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China due to its unique and hot taste.
Calorie(kcal) : 240
Carbohydrate(g) : 36(12)
Protein(g) : 5
Sodium(mg) : 1050(44)
Fat(g) : 4(20)
Dietary Fiber 1g(4),
Sugars 2g
Ramen noodles (aka: Ramyun) is an Korean food ready to eat in about 5 minutes. Mouth-watering ramen noodles and aroma of ramen soup will enlighten your sense of taste and smell. You may add egg, vegetables, and other sauces to create your very own ramen noodles. Some of ramens have KimChi, Beef, Seaweed or other special spicy ingredients inside for delicious flavor. Treat your taste buds with popular ramen of your choice. Most popular ramens are Shin ramen, KimChi ramen, Maruchan ramen, Spicy ramen, Udon ramen & Seafood ramen.


James said...

It is also very popular in New York City. I found it in everywhere. Look at service size of the package. If I recall, it is 2. So, everything in the nutrition profile have to multiply by 2. 480KCal, 2100mg Sodium (88% of daily value) Yack!

By the way, I like the nature of your blog. I like to eat too. LOL

Julian Si said...

Thanks James of NYC!

Julian @ Malaysia

Anonymous said...

does it halal?

Julian Si said...

Seems that according to the description above, its halal. However, I don't think its actually printed on the pack.


Sedang Mencari said...

additives inside the noodles: