Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, Penang

This is the ever busy and popular Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, in Penang. I didn't like my first visit here some months ago, but it turned out much better on this trip.

The soya bean drink is really good here :-)
Yes.. that's my hotel "G" in the background. Too convenient, burrrrp!
Muhibbah Ayam Goreng ... Check out that queue. Some friends ordered the Fried Sotong, which I would not normally take, but it was crispy, with a lovely tasting batter and great chilli sauce. Good!
Very popular ... chicken skin, deep fried. Eeeeeep!

Assam Laksa - a deeeelicious choice :-) Probably not the best in Penang, but still so good.
Kon Loh Mee - Nothing to shout about!


fatboybakes said...

how's the G ah? expensive or not? looks quite nice. me usually stay at the gurney, coz got 2 room suites...
at the risk of being shot down by any penangites, i have to say i personally prefer ipoh fare than penang fare...heh heh...

Anonymous said...

Had a terrible experience at Gurney Drive hawker corner. The mata kuching drink seller was extremely rude; the moment we sat down he proclaimed that we MUST buy drinks from his stall and not from other stalls. Our party of 5 only called for one lychee (he had a small variety) as others wanted ice kacang. He replied rudely, saying no no we must order drinks for all. We walked away to another table. If I return I will never sit in that area anymore.