Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY Golf time at Bukit Jalil

Location from
You can either come from the LDP from PJ. Pass the Sunway toll and head straight to TPM (Technology Park Malaysia). You will go past Kinrara on the Bukit Jalil highway (which is just a narrow trunk road jammed like a monkey’s artery), and soon reach a traffic light. At the lights, take a left and about 100 m up the road, a right turn into the club. You can also come in from the Sg Besi highway. Make a turn to the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex and head towards TPM. Turn right at the TPM entrance and you will be on the other side of the trunk road. Look for the traffic light that enables you to turn right. After that right, 100m, you will see a right turn.

This is a Berjaya-developed golf course...
Our signature golf course is sprawled over 165-acre site amidst lush tropical greenery and scenic views. A superb course designed by renown Australian designer Max Wexler.

We played on Chinese New Year ... Day 4!

This was my first round at Bukit Jalil.

Wet conditions, but lucky it didn't rain...

Majestic shot and follow-through ... so Tiger-esque with the iron twirl!

H again!

Not a very memorable score of 55 + 57 due to lack of sleep and focus in parts ... but nevertheless a fun round with 3 good playing buddies.


CUMI & CIKI said...

happy new year! how rya? see u soon :D

email2me said...

This course looks well maintained! Must find one day go try oledi.

Anyway Gong Hei Fat Choi to you and family .... may year 2009 bring down our scores XD

=.=" when thinking of my own scores.