Thursday, January 08, 2009

Malaysian Today - Reunion, Bangsar Village 2

I've been published for the first time in '09 :-)

As featured in the local paper, MALAYSIAN TODAY.
This is my 7th write-up, featuring one of the best chinese restaurants in town ... Reunion.

Roast meat combo - Siew yoke (Roast pork) and Roast Duck platter, RM$20
Beef with Bitter Gourd - RM$20
Signature beancurd "Tau kan" - RM$17
Kai Lan with Garlic - RM$17
Rice @ RM$1.80 each
Jasmine Tea @ RM$8.40
Starter tidbits - RM$8.40

Total bill was RM$92 ++ (Service and Tax)


email2me said...

Congratz for being featured on local newspaper ;D

Julian Si said...

Thanks ;-)