Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best porridge and other hawker food, next to Sunway Hotel New Lanes Penang

Located: Alongside Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang @ No. 33, New Lanes, Off MacAlister Road.

I was last here some 5 months ago and couldn't resist re-visiting the "Sunway Hotel Hawker Centres" which come to live as the sun-sets over Penang each evening!

Best porridge I have ever had ... fantastic taste, and smooth as silk. Chee Chap Chuk, but I chose not to have the fried innards in my porridge, simply char siew. Simple and incredible!

Delicious Satay! RM$7. Do not try ordering less then 10, or face the wrath of ... aunty!

Prawn Mee ala Penang ... Rather good!

Really good Char Kuay Teow!
I guess Klang has BKT, Penang has ... CKT!

RM$2 ... Dessert of red bean, with Yau Cha Kuey (Yiu Tiu) dipped in it. Excellent!

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CUMI & CIKI said...

you chose NOT to have the fried innards.... OH WHY?!!? hahaha... that's like having S** and not O***** ! :P:P:P