Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year - Ipoh pai-nien

Time to pai-nien and pay a CNY visit to my Dai Yi (Tai Yee) in Ipoh ... Delicious food as always, though I really miss the Lap Mei Fan from 2007!

Ang Ku Kuih - Home made and perfect!

Their home grown durian, the tree beared over 20 fruits this year ... Wow!
Nope, I didn't try any durian ... burp!


Sisters and ... family :-)


~Christine~Leng said...

Happy CNY to you :)

babe_kl said...

Gosh dats a lot of feasting hahaha which is great!

May the year of Ox bring you all the happiness, good fortune, health and prosperity you wish for.

Julian Si said...

Christine - Thanks! Happy Niu Year!

Babe_KL - Gong Hey Gong Hey :-)

hApPy HaPPy said...

Hi,I enjoy following your blog. keep it up.

hApPy HaPPy said...

Hi,i enjoy yr blog. keep it up. Happy CNY. tailim

mimid3vils said...

Happy Niu Year!!!