Friday, June 06, 2008

Martinis @ Vault Bar in Laris at Three on the Bund, Shanghai

Add: 6/F Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu ( by Guangdong Lu)
Tel: Shanghai-6321 9922

Reunion with my dear friends R and E :-)

First Prize at the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup Competition:
Berry Meringue Martini with Yuzu Cleanser
This certainly hit the spot ... most perfect martini concoction ever? Quite possibly!

Second Prize at the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup Competition:
Honey & Strawberry Martini

Cracked Pepper and Grilled Pineapple Jellied Martini

Grapefruit Lemonade with Elderflower and Dom Perignon Foam - Slurrrrrrrp! How indulgent :-)

2007 article, Source:
The Vault Bar and Lounge situated inside Laris at Three on the Bund is pleased to announce the arrival of a new cocktail menu dedicated to ‘molecular mixology’, which aims to change the face of cocktail drinking culture in China by being the first to use cutting edge cocktail-making techniques.
The Vault Bar & Lounge offers the world’s most popular cocktails and exciting new innovations, divided into libations from the Past, Present and Future, all served with flair and panache. The Cocktail Artists at The Vault are masters of modern alchemy, conjuring up drinks like no others in Shanghai or China. This forward-thinking approach to the world’s trendiest, tastiest, most inventive cocktails places The Vault - and all who enjoy it - at the front and center of Shanghai’s nightlife landscape.

Molecular Mixology takes its cue from Molecular Gastronomy, a revolutionary new concept in the creation and enjoyment of fine cuisine. This scientific approach to food and drink examines the chemistry and physics of ingredients, how their properties are changed by various preparation techniques and how they can chemically combine to form brand new tastes and textures.
The award-winning, Seven Dai, Head of Vault Bar says: “We are the first to introduce this relatively new concept to China and it is only just emerging in New York, London and Sydney. These techniques for mixing drinks are totally new and are sure to impress and excite everyone who steps into this exciting new world”.

The “Future” section of Vault’s new drinks list offers cocktails like “Grapefruit Lemonade with Elderflower and Dom Perignon Foam”, “Cracked Pepper and Grilled Pineapple Jellied Martini” or “Mango and Fresh Chili Martini with Cumin Yoghurt”.

The flavoured foams or herbal tea ice cubes in some drinks will break down while you enjoy your cocktail, thus transforming the drink’s very taste whilst you sip. Grilled or caramelized fruits, infused spirits and fresh, homemade syrup flavours are just some of the surprises you can expect to find in a Vault Bar &Lounge cocktail.

The “Present” portion of The Vault’s new cocktail menu includes a stunning array of Martinis, from the Classic Dry (shaken OR stirred) and Shanghai’s Dirtiest Martini to delicious new takes on the original, like the Ginger/Pear Martini and the Lemongrass Martini. Other standouts in the Present include the sake-based Tokyo Schoolgirl, the frozen rose and passion fruit-infused Bella Stella and the crisp, refreshing Laris Cucumber Gin Cooler.

The “Past” section of The Vault’s new drinks list includes traditional favorites like the Mojito, Classic Caipirinha, Negroni and the Manhattan. The experts at Laris have researched the history of these cocktails and present them in their purest, most original form. Visitors to The Vault can also step back in time with an authentic-tasting Side Car, a Rusty Nail or a Classic Cosmopolitan.

Seven Dai and his colleague, bartender Bruce Chen, are proud to also include on the new drinks list cocktails for which they won First Prize and Second Prize at the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup Competition: the Berry Meringue Martini with Yuzu Cleanser and the Honey & Strawberry Martini with Coconut & Lemongrass Caviar.

The Vault’s menu features a “bubbles” section of sparkling cocktails, while the wine list of over 200 labels has a strong New World focus, but also includes the greatest French and Italian wines. A unique “Boutique Section” offer guests rare and exclusive wines. The Vault’s entire beverage spectrum is complemented by a bar menu of creative, delicious snacks and close at hand is the decadent Laris Chocolate Room.

Laris was founded by Executive Chef and General Manager David Laris, his first signature restaurant in Shanghai on the sixth floor of Three on the Bund. David Laris is an internationally renowned chef who has received critical acclaim for his cuisine at prestigious restaurants on several continents. He says his food reflects not only his Australian-Greek roots, but also his experiences, passions and travels. “My food signifies a freedom from any ethnic labels. A visit to Laris is more than just a culinary experience - it is a high-toned journey for the senses,” he says.

Visitors to the Vault’s unique, 1,700 square meter interior designed by celebrated architect Michael Graves, will enjoy exactly that – a feast for all the senses. Its ceiling of brilliant brass plating, its stone walls and coffee tables, all combine to create the feeling of being inside a bank vault or a precious treasure box. Comfy furniture invites visitors to sink in and enjoy the visual boldness of the space as they peek into the dining area and beyond, out to the river and the towers of Pudong.

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