Friday, June 13, 2008

Shanghai's finest Xiu Loong Bao

As we approached this eatery in Shanghai, we saw long queues of people...

In order to by-pass the queues we had to eat in, and pay a minimum order of about 25 RMB per person. No problem, we were gonna eat eat eat!

Three types of Xiu Loong Bao were on offer...
Pork (Cheapest of the 3 and my favourite),
and some other meat/seafood ... I can't remember! Refer to the receipt below, please!

Kun Tong Kao (Super dumpling with superior stock) ... Slurp! Suck it with a straw, check out the warning label (Contents are hot!).

Please help translate the location and name of this place!

Chefs hard at work at the 'open kitchen'!
Ps. 160 RMB for the six of us, not bad at all for a 'really famous makan place'!
To those who can read / decipher chinese, please could you translate what the NAME and LOCATION of this place is, thanks!

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mimid3vils said...

Y the dumpling so dry 1... ?