Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited - BG88

Had the pleasure of driving the Ninja King (That's what it is known as!) whilst in Kota Kinabalu... and I always have great memories when I see one in Semenanjung!
The Land Cruiser is a really cool car, both in terms of driveability, go-anywhere-ness, as well as plain ol' cool :-) BG88 as seen in Klang ... what a registration!

ps - This particular model was introduced way back in 2002 ...
2002120 Series (current Prado, Lexus GX 470) introduced
2003 – 4-millionth Land Cruiser sold
2007 – FJ Cruiser introduced
2008 – All-new seventh-generation Land Cruiser 200 series

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