Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chawan @ Bangsar - New kopitiam!

Add: 69G Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru
Located: Where Devis' used to be, at the corner of Telawi, opposite Bangsar Village

Really nice simple set-up in an airey environment ... this place is only 2 weeks old! The customer service by the staff and especially the propietor is TOP NOTCH! Pleasant, friendly, really good!

Cool 'order sheet' ... Check out the instructions on 'Buat baru' and 'Handsome MIA' which the propietor says means 'Make a great one!'.

Lin Chee Kang (RM$3.80 each) - Too sweet, and wasn't to my taste.
Fresh orange juice (RM$6) - No complaints!

Nasi lemak bungkus (RM$3) - Spicy, but tasty

Nasi Dagang Ikan (RM$10.90) - Prefer the one at Village Park Damansara Utama , but I believe Chawan will improve theirs!

1 comment:

mimid3vils said...

plain nasi lemak cost RM3.00? That's a bit overpriced!!!