Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funa Zushi - Japanese, Klang

Add: Funa Zushi @ Unit G-01, Garden Business Centre3, Jalan Istana, 41000 Klang
Tel: +603 3373 6633
Located: Along Jalan Istana, i.e. the road which leads to the palace/Istana, another land-mark is the Royal Klang Club.

Klang's got a humble little japanese restaurant, not sure how authentic the dishes are, but they taste good nevertheless, and its great value. Under RM$150 for all the below ... and we ate a LOT!
Here's a previous review of this place

Salmon sashimi (RM$19)

Unagi avocado roll (RM$7.99) - Pretty good, cheapest unagi sushi I've ever had!
California hoso (RM$3.99) - average
Tuna salad sushi (RM$2.99) - i love 'cheap' sushi, never mind the posh stuff!
Inari sushi (RM$3.99) - average

Satsuma age (RM$12)
Kaki age (RM$16)
Teppan Kinokonomori (RM$20)
Nira tama (RM$8)
Oops ... couldn't remember which japanese-name-dish is which, but I can describe that the fish-cakes were really mediocre, the omelette with chives delicious, teppanyaki mushrooms tasted like 'oyster sauce stir fried with mushrooms' .... eep, and the tempura prawn with veges was like 'cucur udang'!

Average tasting Yakiniku Ramen (RM$17 - beef noodles, I know the price is well-different, but I really miss the one at Shangri-La's Zipangu).
Shake koabuto teriyaki (Salmon fish-head) - Really delicious @ RM$22 super value too!
The ocha (hot green tea) came up to RM$0.50 per head, and the total bill ... a very reasonable RM$141 (after a -10% due to my 'regular' patronage!).


Jolenesiah said...

unagi... drool.... im unagi lover... i mean to eat...

Julian Si said...

Hahaa! :-)