Thursday, June 19, 2008

Genji Japanese with funny chairs @ PJ Hilton

Add: Genji Japanese Restaurant, PJ Hilton, PJ

Very nice and comfy private rooms, we had one that sits about 8-9 pax, which was perfect for the six of us.
Funny! Check out the chairs :-) with NO LEGS!

The drinks... Asahi beer (RM$31), Heineken (RM$25), Fresh orange juice (RM$17), Fresh watermelon juice (RM$17)and Evian water - small (RM$16)

Edamame - Blanched japanese beans ... Absolutely fabulous. So sweet and fresh! (RM$13)

Soft shell crab maki (RM$32), Ebi ten (RM$24), Ura maki (RM$38)

Our choice of mains ... Tenderloin set (RM$68), Matsukaze Bento box (RM$95), Garlic fried rice (RM$12), and the Genji Jyo Bento (RM$70) as well as the Tem Mori (RM$35). Shimizu Bento (RM$48) - I think this was the vegetarian set.

Also enjoyed the Matcha ice cream - Green tea ice-cream, rather tasty! (RM$18)
Total for the six of us ... RM$962.
ps- Reef fund donation of RM$1 is automatically added to the meal :-)

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