Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Canon G9 - Wide angle WC-DC58B

As seen on our Mataking trip... Will-i-am's Canon G9 with the wide angle converter ... nice!

ps. This Canon converter is known as the WC-DC58B. It alters the lens by a factor of 0.7X, which in a 35mm film camera is the equivalent of a 28mm lens.


Mipp said...

how is the lens? is it good to take picture with? I am thinking about buying that lens to my canonG9 and I just want your opinion.. how much did you pay for it?
thanks! :O)

Julian Si said...

Unfortunately this isn't my wide-angle converter ... Just took a pic of my mate's G9! He seems to like the results ... but I have no clue how much he paid.


ps - My G9 is stock , NO CONVERTER.