Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diving @ Mataking sunset - Nemoes, Scorpion & Crocodile fishies

Hmmm, for months I have been trying to get some depth and colour to the Crocodile Fish .. and I just about managed to on this dive trip in Mataking!

A close-up study of this fella's eyes :-)

Hmm, another Scorpion fish! Don't you love its appendages / beard?

There are nemoes aka Clown fish in Mataking too!

Hee ... Yellow Box fish :-)

Last shot of this sunset dive, Lady M ... Taken at 06:20pm


Jolenesiah said...

woah nicey... but still... im afraid of deep sea... lol

i love shark n tigers :P

Anonymous said...

now i am missing my diving trips after looking at your pics....good shots :)

Julian Si said...

Thanks Anonymous Diver :-) It was a good trip!

Lembeh St, Manado is coming up ... well, in two months :-) time!