Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diving @ Mataking - Post Office Ship Wreck

Hmmm, an underwater postcard!?

E and YT took these great shots of the Mataking ship wreck :-)
The Shipwreck Post - Sinking Process
Preceding the event, the Mataking team spent many hours preparing the wreck. At five in the morning, at least twenty of the crew started towing the ship to the new wreck site. Mataking 1 was securely positioned above its final resting place.
The new cargo and water launch with the official party and spectators on board arrived at 10.00 am. Sand bags were loaded in the hull to ensure that the ship would sink upright and all the plugs were pulled out. It took nearly 1 hour before finally Mataking 1 gave up its struggle to survive. The sinking, which was officially recorded by Treasure Images was spectacular.
A team of Instructors and Dive Masters went down to inspect the safety of the wreck. Mataking 1 is now lying upright in 12 m depthat the bow and the stern in 24 m. exactly in the position intended. The divers surfaced after the initial inspection and gave the thumbs up, which was received with joyful cheers and a round of applause with lots of “yahoo’s”.
The first divers to mail their post card underwater in a waterproof vacuum sealed bag were a Japanese couple Mr. & Mrs. Wada.
Here are a couple more shots by YT ... great job with a simple Canon Ixus 60 set-up!

YT spotted and shot this amazing juvenile frog fish ... elusive little fella!
One more shot ...

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