Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ti-Ratana Welfare Society - Time for some KFC!

We brought a little cheer to Ti-Ratana this evening :-)

Add: Lot 16106, Jalan 13 B, Salak South Bahru (Desa Petaling), Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 7988 1818

Ti-Ratana ... "Ti-Ratana is a community centre created for the betterment of lives. A centre of hope, sharing and growth that caters to the needs of children, young people and senior citizens, regardless of race or creed.In these times of haste, stress and pressure, we have created Ti-Ratana to be a sanctuary, a centre of hope for the hopeless and the helpless, a place of rest for the infirm or the healthy, a place to learn and grow, love, share or just be. Lift a hand. Light a heart. That's the core concept of Ti-Ratana."

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