Monday, February 25, 2008

Mark's Assam Laksa, One Utama

Add: Mark's Asam Laksa @ Lot G213A, Ground Floor,
Promenade,1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, PJ
Tel: +603 6273 5530

Mark's Asam Laksa ... or as they spell it, Asam Laksa, is located on the old wing of One Utama. It may be simple, discrete and small, but it packs a whallop ... good food!
AND, great SERVICE too. The waitress who took our order was polite, and didn't try to 'push' drink sales like most places do. Even asked which part of the chicken we wanted for the curry.

The Assam (as I like to spell it!) Laksa was full of flavour, and not too fishey. Spicey but not overly so. Great balance - The secret of a good assam laksa!

The simple maggi mee goreng, served with some delicious and generous portion of curry chicken, was equally good!

Surprise! The meal even came with a nice yummy bowl of Hong Tau Sah (Red Bean dessert), slurp! All this for just over RM$14. Good value!

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