Monday, February 11, 2008

Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, Indianapolis

Sunday, 10th February ... Finally, at 6pm, I arrived at Cincinnati ...
I was promptly whisked away to the Belterra Casino Resort & Spa :-)
I liked that I was greeted by Ben & Jerry's and Starbucks as I entered the resort, haha!

Here's a recap of the journey ... (All times local to where-ever I was!)
1) Saturday 5pm - KL to Sentral
2) Saturday 6pm - KL Express train from Sentral to KLIA
3) Saturday 9pm - Flight No. 1 ... KL to Bangkok (2 hours)
4) Saturday 10.30pm - Stayed over at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport Novotel
5) Sunday 4am - Woke up, checked in at Bangkok Airport
6) Sunday 6.40am - Flight No. 2 ... Bangkok to Narita, Japan (6 hours)
7) Sunday 1pm - Quick transit, then it was Flight No. 3 ... Narita to Chicago O'Hare, USA (13 hours)
8) Sunday 1pm - Time difference is a weird thing! Arrived at round about the same time I left Japan! Long transit ... 4 hours at O'Hare
9) Sunday 4pm - Departed on Flight No. 4 ... Chicago O'Hare to Cincinatti!
10) Sunday 6pm - Frank the transfer driver picked us up from Cincinatti airport ... Had all our luggage (PHEW!) and was feeling really lost, zonked and tired!
11) Sunday 7pm - Arrived at Belterra!

Note that when I arrived at Belterra in Indianapolis, USA ... it was the equivalent of Monday 8am Malaysia time ... As I had departed Saturday 5pm from home in Klang, Malaysia, and arrived Monday 8am ... It took me 39 hours to get to my final destination!

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