Friday, February 01, 2008

Souled Out, Sri Hartamas

Danny J arranged dinner at SOULed OUT in Sri Hartamas ... Its a great theme restaurant, very popular amongst local and expats, and especially football fans. I think the Brasil futsal contingent was there last nite!

I heard the Satay was decent ... as was the poppadoms!

However, the meal went downhill with the Steak which our friend returned thrice! Over-cooked, then not chunky enough :-( AND ... my Sang Har Mee was DIABOLICAL! Not tasty, and the noodles were like rubber bands ... eeeeeep!

Stick to the Pizzas ... these they do well here!

No idea what this dish was ... ask Fabian!


boo_licious said...

That's sad that Souled Out's food has dropped in std as it used to be really good.

Btw, I tried Spring Golden's char siu this wk and followed yr recommendation for Sakura Pork. Very good stuff! Thxs so much for the intro to it. Max did ask who I found out from and I mentioned yr name.

Julian Si said...

It was terrible ... never used the word DIABOLICAL in my blog until yesterday! :-(

In this genre of restaurant, I prefer WIP at Bangsar Shopping Centre now!

Glad to hear Max's char siew was good :-) Haha... My pleasure!