Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hiong Kong Soup House Restaurant ... Loh Hei with dive gang!

Add: 5 Jalan Wangsa 3/7, Taman Wangsa Permai, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6013 388 5000
May organised this Chinese New year meal for the dive gang ... and boy was it special. Great food, hard-to-find location, and super company meant it was a boisterous and fun evening, the guys arrived at 19:30 and it was 23:15 by the time we left!

The Shark Bone soup was outstanding .... deeeeep flavours, incredible!

Then came the 3-selection starter ... Fried ham fritter, Minced Pork and Lotus.

The prawns were very tasty in the thick soya sauce, but not the freshest quality ...

The steamed fish was of a very high quality, with beautiful superior soya sauce.
Seems the sides of the fish , near the fins , was good for the complexion ... and the whiskers for ... VIRILITY!? That's according to the Captain dude anyway!

Big Bowl Dish! Interesting HEAVY dish ... triple dish of Duck + Pork + Chicken!

I loved this ... So did Ah Siang, "I don't eat brinjal, but I am eating this brinjal!"
Deep fried sotong / squid, with Brinjal 'french fries'!

Stir fried spinach ...

Dessert of chinese pancake was a little too rich ... and the Red Bean to accompany it had too much orange peel.

RM $298 for the seven of us ... a bargain!

Ps. The Loh Sang was also included in the meal ... it will be featured on the next blog!


tigger74 said...

Hi Julian

We are a fan of hiong kong soup house but they have moved. Do you know where?

Judy n Bob

Julian Si said...

Sorry, no idea! I looked it up on Google, but couldn't find any new references.

Perhaps try calling the mobile number?
+6013 388 5000

Good luck!