Friday, February 08, 2008

Audi Q7 ... Bangsar

I was walking into BV1 on Day Two of CNY, and this caught my eye ... the first Audi Q7 I had seen on our soils. Surprise surprise, it was a Singapore registered unit!

Wikipedia ...
The Audi Q7 is a full-size luxury SUV produced by German automaker Audi since 2006.
It was designed with the help of engineers such as Jack Malde and McHewgor.
The Q denotes a new family of vehicles for Audi, designated the 7 in its placement between the Audi A6 and Audi A8. It is also considered the first true SUV of Audi, since the existing Allroad is only a derivative of A6 Avant, and thus lacks the shape of a conventional SUV.
The Q7 utilizes a modified version of the Volkswagen 7L platform. Based on the Audi Pikes Peak Quattro concept car, the Q7 is designed more for on-road use and was not meant for serious off-road use where a transfer case is needed, but in an offroad test through the Australian Out-Back it fared remarkably well for a luxury "soft roader". Although it lacks a low-range transfer case, it has a central differential lock and an adjustable-height air suspension which helps in offroad situations. The production model was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006.
Audi South-Africa runs a very tough offroad course with the Q7 where it actually proves itself a better off-roader than most would give it credit for.

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