Sunday, June 08, 2008

Super GT International series car at Equatorial Hotel, KL

Equatorial Hotel KL is the Official Hotel for the Super GT International Series Malaysia. Saw this incredibly souped up NSX (Honda) at the entrance of the hotel ... wow!
Here's a stock example of the NSX, see how different it looks (and performs)!

For use in the Super GT, formerly the All Japan GTC and JGTC, the NSX has been highly modified (as allowed by series technical regulations) with chassis development by Dome, engine development by Mugen, for Honda.
Externally the NSX shape has developed race by race, season to season to the demands of increasing aerodynamic downforce within the regulations. The most notable change is the position of the V6 engine, which is mounted longitudinally instead of transversely as per the roadcar.
Similar to the setup used in modern Lamborghinis, the gearbox is located in the center tunnel under the cockpit and is connected to the rear differential by a driveshaft. Engines can either be turbocharged or naturally aspirated, depending on the class and on the rules.
The NSX continues to be used as the works Honda car in the GT500 class, even though it is no longer in production.

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