Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shangri-La and Hooters in Shanghai

Add: 33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai, CHINA
Tel: +86 21 6882 8888

A magnificent hotel with great views of The Bund ...

I couldn't believe it, Hooters in China! Didn't go in though ... went to Starbucks instead, haha!

Here's an excerpt from the Shanghai Star (November 2004)...
The owl may be the logo found on the sign outside Hooters, which opened recently in the crowded Shanghai City Centre, but the US restaurant chain's true trademark found inside - is its scantily-clad waitresses.
Scantily-clad waitresses in clingy shirts and orange high-cut shorts pose for a group photo.

The first Hooters outlet in China opened last month, offering customers its signature combination of cold beer, chicken wings and waitress with clingy shirts and orange high-cut shorts.

"We know some people will question what we are wearing. But in Shanghai you will see more girls wearing less on the street, " Feng said.

Out of more than 1,000 girls in Shanghai who applied for the position, only 80 were selected.
"The most important thing is their personality," said Jiang. "We are looking for the open-minded girls."

With the help of four Hooters waitresses from the US, the 80 Shanghai workers received an intense two-week training that covered everything from applying make-up to memorizing the menu.

The girls seem to like the part-time job, despite the 8 yuan (US $1) an hour pay, because - unlike most restaurants in China - they can accept tips from customers. The waitresses said another reason they are happy at Hooters is that their work schedules are very flexible.

Ps. A really REALLY insightful and funny interview with a Hooters gal on ... interview

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