Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shanghai World Financial Centre looks like a ... Can opener!

Check out the ...
(1) Pollution
(2) Shanghai World Finanical Centre ... doesn't it look like a GIANT can opener!?
Why is there a big 'trapezoid' on the top, and why isn't it a circular-hole as per the original design remit? Check out the Wikipedia research below!

Wikipedia describes this mega structure ...
The Shanghai World Financial Center (simplified Chinese: 上海环球金融中心; traditional Chinese: 上海環球金融中心; pinyin: Shànghǎi huánqiú jīnróng zhōngxīn) is a supertall skyscraper under construction in Shanghai, China.
It is a mixed use skyscraper which will consist of office spaces, hotel rooms, conference rooms, observation decks and shops on the ground floors. The hotel component will open with 175 rooms and suites in mid-2008 as the Park Hyatt Shanghai.
On September 14, 2007 the skyscraper was topped out at 492 meters (1,614 ft) and became the tallest structure in mainland China, including Hong Kong, as well as the world's third tallest building (including unfinished ones).

Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox, the 101-story tower was originally planned for construction in 1997, but work was temporarily interrupted by the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s and later to accommodate design changes by the developer.
The building of the tower is financed by several multinational firms, including Japanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong banks, as well as by the Japanese developer and as-yet unnamed American and European investors. American investment bank Morgan Stanley is coordinating the financing for Mori Building. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2008.

The aperture under construction at the top of the buildingThe most distinctive feature in the design of the building is an aperture at the peak.
The original design specified a circular aperture, 46 m (150 ft) in diameter, to reduce the stresses of wind pressure[5], as well as serve as a subtext for the design, since "Chinese mythology represents the earth with a square and the sky with a circle". It also resembled a Chinese moon gate due to its circular form.
However, this initial design began facing protests from some Chinese, including the mayor of Shanghai, who considered it too similar to the rising sun design of the Japanese flag.
Pedersen then suggested that a bridge be placed at the bottom of the aperture to make it less circular.
On 18 October 2005, KPF submitted an alternative design to Mori Building and a trapezoidal hole replaced the circle at the top of the tower, which in addition to changing the controversial design, will also be cheaper and easier to implement according to the architects.
There are 3 observation decks in Shanghai World Financial Center. The height of its lowest observation deck (观光大厅) is 423 m (1,388 ft), on the 94th floor, the second is 439 m (1,440 ft) high, on the 97th floor, named "Observatory Brige" (观光天桥), and the highest (观光天阁) is 474 m (1,555 ft) high, on the 100th floor, also now part of the final design.

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