Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nilai Springs Golf - Round with Jeanette, Pete & Andrew

40 minute swift driving from Klang to Nilai Springs, near Negeri Sembilan, off the PLUS / North South highway, taking the exit AFTER KLIA. We were very pleasantly surprised to learn that it was BUGGY ON TRACK, yay!

This was my 3rd round here ...
Previous rounds at Nilai Springs

Here's me trying to be a hero and unplug a ball which had hit the muddy bank ... I didn't fall into the water, but the ball did not come out either. Ended up having to take a drop!

The buggies were the best anywhere ... Silent, powerful and had excellent comfy seats.

Here's Jeanette, Andrew and Pete in action!

We managed to complete our round in just 4 and a half hours, and it was a lot of fun ... I managed one par in the front 9, and one in the back 9. Total score = 54 + 50 = 104.

This Warbird is a classic!

Ps. Hmm, seems like Hong Leong mantains their buggies!


email2me said...

My favorite course too because it is well maintained and not that hard to play. The course is hidden in the housing area after the Inti college and pretty hard to find if without my GPS for first timer. My best score here is 108.

Technology rulez the golf came nowadays dude. Golf club helps. Classic club needs brute strength! :D

Julian Si said...

It is certainly one of my fave courses, good condition + reasonable prices + not too far from Klang/KL!

I didn't find it too difficult to find, just have to take the Nilai exit and keep a close eye out for the Nilai Springs GCC signboards. But lucky you with your GPS!!

ps - You run a nice blog!

email2me said...

I suggest you go and buy that Malaysia Top Premier Coupon book. Inside got 2 weekday and 1 weekend voucher. I bought that and play quite a number of complimentary course.

Thanks for the compliment. You also know that golfers all after play > shower > dig for food. :D I made quite a number of new friends from playing here due to join flight for the sake of waiting "Aunties" in front which play too slow. They brought me to a lot new discovery of local foods which tourist will never know.

You have a nice blog too. I will hook you up to my blog. :)

email2me said...

Extra for you. A blog which I create for my office's golfers.


Got some nice video tips here. Enjoy