Sunday, June 08, 2008

Meeting Mia Palencia at Flo, Equatorial Hotel KL

Brought 12 of my friends to Mia Palencia's gig at Flo, Equatorial, on the last night of her 4 night series :-) over the weekend ...

Yarra Burn Pinot Noir (RM$169) - Not too heavy, easy drinking.
Cono Sur 20 (RM$199) - I wouldn't normally choose a Cab Sauv from Chile, but J likes Chilean wine ... so we gave it a try. Decent, but nothing much to shout about!

As always ... Mia was magical. A stunning voice, with equally good song-writing, and a fantastic accompaniment band, including a flutist and bassist whom I admire.

All my gang got a copy of her new album ... Finding My Way. It's good :-)
We'll always have the album to remember the gig by ... :-)

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