Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nasi Lemak & Nasi Dagang ala Village Park, Damansara Utama

We love the nasi lemak at Village Park, in Damansara Utama ... and thought it would be the perfect meal on a little house party that was thrown! And we were right ... the nasi lemak and roast chicken went down a treat! The below meal came up to just over RM$50, enough to feed 6 or 7 people! A complete review of Village Park Damansara Utama from many moons ago...

The superb roast chicken ... full of flavour!

More side dishes ... Yummy potato and ikan-bilis combo.

I really like the Nasi Dagang served here. About RM$6.

Here's Jared's simple fried mee-hoon, purchased from SS2 market. He had this with fish balls from the same market, as well as hard boiled eggs. Slurp!

And for the dessert .... Tong Kee sponge cake, and Baskin Robbins Very Berry ice cream. What a treat!

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