Monday, December 31, 2007

Food of the Year Awards - 2007

Welcome to Juliansi.Blogspot.Com's inaugural
FoOTY (Food Of The Year 2007) Awards !

1) This is solely at the discretion of my tastebuds and stomach
2) I will only award those categories where I have sampled at least THREE different vendors
(For example, I love the roast pig from Overseas Imbi, but had only sampled TWO
i.e. Overseas and Rainbow Palace, thus this category is void)
3) I look forward to any feedback!
4) Also look forward to any stalls not on the list which you think are even better!!

OK, time for that list ... here's the result of an entire year of eating ... oops, researching! :-)

1) Funny Mountain Soya Bean (Ipoh)
2) Spring Golden's Char Siew (Shah Alam)
3) San Yulik Chee Cheong Fun (Cheras)



Char Siew
Spring Golden (Section 25, Shah Alam)

Char Kuay Teow
Roberts (Say Huat Kopitiam, Section 17 in PJ)

Chee Cheong Fun
San Yulik (Taman Cheras, Cheras in KL)

Chicken Chop
99 Steak and Chops (Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail)

Chicken Rice
Hainanese Boneless Chicken rice (near Bukit Merah, Singapore)
'He who nearly made it' - Chicken rice stall at Medan Selera (SS2 in PJ)

Curry Mee
Aunty's road side stall curry mee (Near Pudu Jail, KL)

Penang Road Famous Teowchew Chendol (Penang Road, Penang)

Sun Yeong Wai (Taman Ipoh Jaya, Ipoh)

Goreng Pisang
Roadside stall behind Restoran Le Kwang (USJ2 in Subang)
'He who nearly made it' - Ong Kee Jong roadside stall opposite Pelita (SS2 in PJ)

Mizu Japanese Fine Dining (TTDI Plaza, Taman Tun Dr Ismail)

Daorae (Sri Hartamas, KL)

Ibrahim's (Medan Selera, SS2 in PJ)

Nasi Lemak
Village Park (SS21, Damansara Utama)

Pan Mee
Swee Hing (OUG, Jalan Klang Lama in KL)

Restoran Makanan Teow Chew (Taman Desa Aman, Cheras in KL)

Prawn Mee
Prawn Mee Stall in Coffee shop (Lorong Loke Yew, KL)

Hani Satay (Medan Selera, SS2 in PJ)

De Foodland Seafood Restaurant (Bandar Sri Manjalara, Kepong)

Soya bean
Funny Mountain (Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar, Ipoh)

New Chow Yang Restaurant (Chow Yang, SS2 in PJ)
'He who nearly made it' - Keong Kei Poh Ban Roadside stall (Near Pudu, KL)

Tim Sum
Wah Lok (Carlton Hotel in Singapore)
'He who nearly made it' - Xin (Concorde Hotel, KL)

Cilatro (Micasa hotel, KL)


Anonymous said...

come to sg more often.. i m sure there are more stalls which will make ur list..

boo_licious said...

Cool! I like the list. Must go check out each one of them.

Julian Si said...

Hi Masak Masak :-) Boo_Licious, coming from Masterblogger you ... it is much appreciated!

Let me know if you have any differing opinions, I would like nothing better then to find EVEN better 'best in class' foods for 2008 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahha this is an interesting list! I am honoured too... as you are the only foodblogger who did such food of the year! well done!

LianneK said...

weiii atas, you got everything spot on leh but where is the Shang category lah ? :-)

Julian Si said...

B-B-Oven! Wah ... so kind of you to visit! Glad you like the list ... I hope I get some provocative feedback, so I can 'challenge' some of the stalls/restaurants on my list!!

L aka Imbi&Itchy as in Itchy&Scratchy!? How are u :-) HEH HEY, only you would call me 'ATAS'! Shang category? Huh .. u mean why isn't Shang on? Zipangu didn't quite cut the mustard ... and I felt Cilantro was one up on Lafite!

ekeng said...

hey man..i love all the list..You're the best in Food Blogging..I'm not kidding..I'm addicted to your blog..Well Done bro :)

Happy New Year to you..Wish you all the best in year 2008 :)

LianneK said...

uhhh ... how did you know, there's a scratchy alright, but belongs to my niece. he named it for her lol. I'm good, good ... can't wait for CNY holidays! Makan trip coming up! No lah, not Shang's Zipangu but Lafite la, the "ferran adria" wannabe hehe