Tuesday, December 25, 2007

J&Co Donuts ... Queueing wth Shih Ling

A long over-due blog from 8th Dec!
Shih Ling was in town ... and I met up with her at Pavilion in KL.
This was the first time SL queued up for .. donuts!

The queue on a Saturday was loooonnnggg... I previously queued for about ten minutes, but it took about 30 minutes this time round! Here's the view of the Open Kitchen as you are queueing up ... at this point of the queue, you may still have to stand around for 10 minutes!
And here is the view you get when you eventually make it through the queue!

I think it was worth the wait ... but perhaps we should have purchased a few more, compared to the three that we picked! (Yes, the pink strawberry one is mine!)

Details of my first visit ... J&Co in November when it first opened

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